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Imprint // 2012
Los Angeles, California, United States

© Atelier Hitoshi Abe

// 2012
Project Title: Imprint
Consultants: N/A
Location: Los Angles, California, United States
Size: 1 sq. ft.
Fabricator: Nathan Smith
Use: Light Fixture
Status: Completed 2012
Client(s): MAK Center
Auction Price: $1100

This custom lamp was developed as auction piece, with proceeds benefiting the MAK Center in Los Angeles. The translucent-white lamp has a pattern of white dots on the exterior of the glass globe, while a pattern of luminescent dots line the interior, allowing the various patterns on the fixture to emerge in response to different ambient lighting levels: A well-lit space with the fixture switched off, A dim space with the fixture switched on, A dark space with fixture switched off.