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JACCC Plaza Canopy // 2010
Los Angeles, California, United States

© Atelier Hitoshi Abe

JACCC Plaza Canopy
// 2010
Project Title: JACCC Plaza Canopy
Consultants: Buro Happold - Los Angeles
Location: Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California, United States
FabriTec Structure
Size: 20,000 sq. ft.
Collaborators: N/A
Use: Commercial
Architect of Record: N/A
Client(s): Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC)
Status: On hold

Noguchi Plaza was dedicated on July 26th, 1983. It is the first and only public installation created by Isamu Noguchi for Los Angeles. Atelier Hitoshi Abe was asked to develop a proposal that would maximize shaded and protected areas thereby increasing the plaza’s capacity to support a wider range of functions events for the community, while minimizing impacts to the plaza and remaining sensitive to Noguchi’s design intentions.

The proposed lightweight canopy structure suspends a central oculus, with cables, from a rigid perimeter beam and utilizes only four sets of columns along its perimeter. The canopy is clad with a printed ETFE foil to provide the necessary sun protection.

Infrastructural elements integrated into the canopy along with technical enhancements to the Plaza, would allow a variety of new activities to be supported. The canopy, which sits at the heart of Little Tokyo, would become an important symbol for the community.