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Josai University B22 // 2017
Saitama, Japan

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Josai University B21
// 2017
Project Title: Josai University B21
Consultants: N/A
Location: Saitama, Japan
Collaborators: N/A
Size: 121,300 sq. ft.
AOR / SMEP: Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd
Use: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science: Lecture Rooms, Labs, Classrooms and Offices
Status: Completed April 2017
Client(s): Josai University

Situated at the South East end of the Sakado campus, and visible from the main approach, Josai International University’s new Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science Building will serve as a beacon and gateway. The nine story structure will be a set piece in realizing the University’s ambitions to strengthen architectural continuity and connectivity across the campus. The horizontal motif, prominently visibly along the façade, is a gesture towards this initiative, which is intended to coalesce future developments as it will help define a new identity for the campus.

At approximately ninety-five meters long, and pinching from seventeen meters wide at the North end, to eleven meters wide at the South, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences contains various programs through its eleven thousand square meters. Program areas include classrooms and laboratory spaces, as well as faculty office areas.

The various program areas, organized to increase communication and collaboration, eschew the ‘silo’ approach typical to the laboratory typology, in favor of a more contemporary organization that prioritizes connectivity and transparency between adjacent spaces.

Together with the planned 06B building, the new ensemble will contain numerous unprogrammed common areas, intended to encourage informal gathering and collaboration among students and faculty. These new buildings will become an active platform for the creative community of Josai University.