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Michinoku Folklore Museum // 2000
Kurikoma, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Michinoku Folklore Museum
// 2000
Project Title: Michinoku Folklore Museum
Architect of Record: Atelier Hitoshi Abe
Location: Kurikoma, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Status: Completed, 2006
Size: 898 sq. m.
Awards: Tohoku Architectural Award
Use: Museum

The typical stadium typology is based on a geometry of concentric circles derived from the basic function of gathering spectators and establishing a central point of focus. This geometry creates a strong sense of enclosure, but also separates spectators from their exterior surroundings. In order to take advantage and connect spectators to the park like setting of the site on the outskirts of Sendai, Miyagi Stadium combines the distinct typologies of a stadium and park, weaving them together to create a multifaceted facility.