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Make it Right // 2009
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

© Atelier Hitoshi Abe

Make it Right
// 2009
Project Title: Make it Right
Consultants: William McDonough + Partners - Sustainability
Location: Lower 9th District, New Orleans, Louisianna United States
Collaborators: John C. Williams Architects
Size: 1,800 sq. ft.
Graft Architects
Use: Residential (Duplex)
Cherokee Gives Back
Client(s): The Make It Right Foundation
Status: 2 Duplexes Constructed, 2009

AHA was invited by The Make It Right Foundation, a collaboration between actor Brad Pitt, Graft Architects, Cherokee Gives Back and William McDonough + Partners committed to, building 150 energy efficient, solar powered, storm resistant homes in New Orleans Lower 9th Ward, a neighborhood wiped out by Hurricane Katrina and the breach of the Industrial Canal levee.

AHA's proposal, Hot Links, offers many different options for smart living. Through the inherit flexibility of its organization, this house can accommodate many arrangements of single family, multiple family, renter and tenant and live/work arrangements.

Two shotgun houses are linked together and able to open, close or share the space between. In this way, much larger open spaces are created for private bedrooms or public living spaces. The flexible boundary between the residences can be soft and adapt the changing needs of a family throughout the years. The array of 45 different plan options gives families the freedom to adapt their living size to their economic situations with little cost. If an owner desired a single family house, they can choose from a three, four, five or six bedroom house. If even more space is required, opening up the attic and using it as loft space is also an option. If an owner’s family required less space, they can split the residence into a duplex, granny-unit or a live-work unit to enable to growth of a small business. Owners are able to re-create and customize their living situations as needed. The economic benefits of a flexible structure also translate into ecological benefits of a re-usable or re-purposed structure.

For additional information on The Make It Right Foundation and it’s continued efforts in the 9th District please visit: www.makeitrightnola.org