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Miyagi Stadium // 2000
Rigu, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

© Shunicni Atsumi

Miyagi Stadium
// 2000
Project Title: Miyagi Stadium
Architect of Record: Atelier Hitoshi Abe
Location: Rifu, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Status: Completed 2000
Size: 36,685 sq. m.
Awards: 42nd Building Contractors Society Award
Use: Stadium
1st Prize, Architectural Competition

The stadium now has an institutional image completely opposite to its original character. In this project for an architectural typology with an essentially closed character, the aim was to propose an open place without losing any functionality. The Miyagi Stadium fuses the contrasting topological conditions of the concave landscape of the stadium and the convex landscape of the mountains on the eastern side of the site. In this way, we intended to create a place that combines the dualities of open and closed, unified and dispersed, architecture and landscape.