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Terasaki Research Institute // 2017
Los Angeles, California

©Roland Halbe

Terasaki Research Institute
// 2017
Project Title: Terasaki Research Institute
Consultants: Buro Happold Los Angeles - Primary Structure
NOUS Engineering Inc. - Skylight
Location: Los Angeles, California
Collaborators: N/A
Size: 15,500 sq. ft.
Architect of Record: House & Robertson Architects Inc.
Use: Office/Laboratory with street level retail
Status: Completed September 2017
Client(s): Terasaki Foundation Laboratory
Awards: N/A

An infill project for the new headquarters of the Terasaki Research Institute, the 15,500 sf. facility accommodates offices, laboratories, and multipurpose spaces for collaborative work, within an existing shell. The Institute, a pioneer in tissue typing research, endeavored to establish a new facility to enhance and expand their community outreach efforts by providing new opportunities to engage the public.

The interior spaces have been arranged around two atria which are enclosed with a translucent double membrane structure, supported by a lightweight tension system. Office and support spaces are clustered around the atria and collaborative spaces are directly underneath the membrane. Both enjoy diffuse daylight that minimizes the reliance on artificial light. Two mirror finish oculi at the center of the atria provide a clear view of the sky, as they reflect the surrounding skyline into the space.

A wide corridor like multipurpose space, that includes a bookstore and reading room, extends from the primary façade along Westwood Blvd. through the entire length of the ground floor. In line with the Institutes mission of engaging the public through various events and outreach efforts, the building layout reinforces this mission by accommodating varying degrees of permeability along the ground floor, that invites activities along the store front to extend into the building.